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Can you imagine having all of your properties published worldwide with a single system, in a single place, with one login?

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Smart lock

MAPRO automatically manages the door codes of the properties. It has automatic code generation for guests, maintenance and cleaning staff. Secure your properties.
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Mapro sign

With MAPRO SIGN, you can send your contracts online to the guests. Send as many contracts as you want without paying anything for it.

At MAPRO SIGN, you can also request verification photos to your guest making the purchase even more secure.

Damage Protection and Vacation Rental Insurance

Integrated with MAPRO for a seamless experience, Generali travel insurance and damage protection help protect your guests and grow your business. When your guests purchase protection, they get coverage.

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Automated dynamic pricing

Nightly prices are automatically adjusted according to market demand in the real estate region. Daily rate recommendation based on seasonality, day of the week and local demand.
Create custom templates to communicate with your guests and schedule them. In MAPRO CRM you can create your specific email marketing campaigns, create templates and launch the campaign directly from MAPRO. No integration with any other email marketing platform required.
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